Empowering Change: Women’s Leadership in Energy Transitions

Filled with profound gratitude and inspiration, I reflect on the “Empowering Change: Women’s Leadership in Energy Transitions” session at COP28. HUB2ENERGY collaborating on this initiative with Kuwait Finance House (KFH), UNDP Kuwait and hosting it in the #ClimateFinanceHub Cop28 was not only an honor but also a significant milestone in our collective journey towards sustainable energy solutions.

One of the event’s highlights was the honor of having H.E. Fahad AlJarallah, Minister of Finance of Kuwait, with us. His presence underscored the essential role of governmental leadership in fostering sustainable initiatives and set a tone of high-level commitment and support in climate finance.

Joined by a panel of distinguished speakers, we delved deep into discussions on diversity and energy transitions:

Shereen Al Saad, UNDPKuwait; Raquel Marques Mendes, Head of European Affairs, EDP; Alicia Eastman, President, InterContinentalEnergy; Josephine Moss, Coordination Specialist at UN Women

Their invaluable insights and leadership experiences enriched our dialogue, driving us towards actionable change

This event transcended being just a discussion platform; it was a vivid demonstration of our commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and gender-inclusive leadership in energy transitions. At the Climate Finance Hub, we focused on comprehensive solutions and strategies for sustainable energy and climate finance

Reflecting on our goals, the outcomes of the Paris Agreement, and the challenges outlined in previous COPs, we are reminded of the path ahead. This year’s global stocktake at COP28 offered a unique opportunity to address climate finance, innovation, and socio-economic factors, reaffirming our commitment to an inclusive approach. This COP is about more than just choosing energy sources It’s about People; it’s about embracing diverse and innovative paths for energy security, accessibility, and affordability

A phrase that resonated deeply was: “Women’s leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example.” This sentiment perfectly captures the spirit of our COPtalks28.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to everyone who participated, including Kuwait Finance House, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, United Nations, UNDP, Portuguese Business Council – UAE, aicep Portugal Global | United Arab Emirates, EDP, UN Women, or fantastic team at HUB2ENERGY and representatives from the private sector and public sectors in Kuwait and international, making this event a cornerstone of our journey towards sustainable and inclusive energy solutions. Your engagement and enthusiasm are invaluable.

Stay with us for upcoming initiatives where you can participate and contribute to our shared goal of leading Kuwait and beyond towards Net Zero.

Thank you, and together, let’s “empower change.”

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