Qatar Web Summit 2024

🌍 A Day of Prestigious Visits at Web Summit Qatar

The Web Summit Qatar was a remarkable platform for HUB2ENERGY, where we had the privilege to present our Enline Energy Solutions. Our booth became a convergence point for thought leaders and industry innovators, each bringing unique perspectives and opportunities for collaboration.

A special note of gratitude to Manuel Couto Miranda, Portuguese Economic Counsellor, for always providing an in-depth analysis of economic strategies and we thank AICEP |United Arab Emirates for the continuous support that has been pivotal in our journey. Your dedication to fostering partnerships and understanding the intricacies of economic strategies is instrumental for companies like ours.

HUB2ENERGY is poised to contribute significantly to the advancement and integration of new technology within the GCC. Our commitment is not just to innovation but to fostering growth and driving real, sustainable progress in the energy ector. We believe that through collaboration and the exchange of knowledge, we can create a more sustainable future.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our distinguished guests, including Filipe Santos Costa, President of aicep Portugal Global, Bernardo Ivo Cruz, Secretary of State for International Trade and Foreign Investment, and H.E. Paulo Neves Pocinho, Ambassador of Portugal in Qatar, for their insights and encouragement.

As we reflect on the interactions with numerous international stakeholders at the summit, we’re inspired by the collective vision for technology, investment, and sustainable development. HUB2ENERGY on behalf of Enline Energy Solutions we extend our gratitude to Startup Portugal and the Unicorn Factory Lisboa for their support.

Stay tuned as we continue to forge new connections and explore the frontiers of energy innovation!

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