Saudi Arabia SmartGrid Conference 2023

Experiencing Innovation Firsthand at Saudi Arabia Smart Grid Conference 2023

HUB2ENERGY participated in the vibrant atmosphere of the Saudi Arabia Smart Grid 2023, thanks to a generous invitation from GCC Lab. Being here, representing Hub2Energy and experiencing the event firsthand, is an exhilarating journey that underscores our shared commitment to powering a sustainable tomorrow.

This prestigious event has united over 2500 participants and 70 exhibitors, creating a dynamic hub for leaders in government, science, business, and technology. Just after COP28, it’s an exceptional opportunity for shaping the future of smart infrastructure and sustainable energy solutions.

One of our actions at Hub2Energy, especially as the official representatives of Enline for the GCC region, aligns perfectly with the event’s themes. We are thrilled to have presented Enline’s sensorless, A.I.-driven, digital twin technology, a groundbreaking innovation poised to transform the energy sector. This technology, with its sensorless operations, A.I.-driven analytics, and digital twin capabilities, heralds a new era in energy infrastructure and smartgrids particularly in the GCC region.

Being part of this event is not just about showcasing a technology; it’s about being integral to a broader vision – “Powering the Future Today.” An heartfelt thank you to GCC LAB for facilitating this collaborative and innovative environment. We will continue to work with all our stakeholders to make the energy transitions a reality. This event exemplifies the cooperation and synergy among Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the entire Gulf Cooperation Council, highlighting our collective efforts in advancing sustainable energy solutions leading GCC to net zero.

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