Gulf Forum for Development and Sustainable Projects 2024

🌍 Exciting News from the Gulf Forum for Development and Sustainable Projects! 🏆

It’s with profound sense of accomplishment that I share HUB2ENERGY’s achievements at the prestigious Gulf Forum held in Kuwait on 17-18 January 2024. A momentous occasion where Hub2Energy not only received the esteemed “Gulf Award for Sustainable Development”, but also played a crucial role in the panel discussion “Accelerating Energy Transitions – Leading Kuwait to Sustainability”.

In my speech at the opening ceremony, I emphasized the critical need for transitioning to cleaner energy sources without dismissing the ongoing significance of the oil and gas industry. The balance is key: “We need all energy sources.”

The forum, under the auspices of Kuwait’s Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, spotlighted the country’s strategic pivot towards sustainable energy.
I had the privilege of joining industry leaders like Jorge Perez (TSK), Abdul Aziz AL Raees (Oula), and Athari Almutawa (PAAF) in discussing the vital role of public-private partnerships (PPPs) in this transformative journey.

Our panel shed light on strategic collaborations essential for a successful energy transformation. We explored potential initiatives, including government incentives, joint renewable energy projects, and research investments, to strengthen these collaborations.

Moreover, I’m thrilled to announce two groundbreaking initiatives by HUB2ENERGY: Accelerating sustainable energy new skills providing leading training courses for the energy sector workforce and a pioneering pilot project aimed at enhancing the efficiency of Kuwait’s power transmission lines through innovative digital twin, AI, and sensorless monitoring technology. These mark our unwavering commitment to investment, innovation, and skill set transformation for a collaborative, sustainable future.

HUB2ENERGY stands as a significant change-maker, reaffirming our leadership in driving and accelerating sustainable energy solutions.

I extend my gratitude to Consulenza Global for their coordination and execution of the Forum.

António Azevedo Campos

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